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Halo Influence Discussions and everything for fun » General » General Discussions » Secret Santa 2 (FUN FUN FUN)
Secret Santa 2
07-Dec-15 в 12:20
Awesome Guy
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Hello everyone.

Today i would like to launch the second annual holiday program called Anonymous Santa 2.
it will have the same rules as a last year and same steps are repeated smile Enjoyyy

What is Anonymous Santa?

Anonymous Santa is a holiday program where you submit your information to a administration through a special form and once administration receives the information, it will pass it on to one of the Verified participants of this holiday program and that participant will sent you a random gift for New Year.

For example, Person A and Person B and Person C are participating. Everyone submit their information to administration. Admins randomly choose the names and give that person other persons information and that person becomes someones Anonymous Santa. Lets say Person A received a information about Person B. That means Person A goes to the store and buys or creates a custom gift for Person B and then ships it out few days before Christmas. Then Person B receives the package and he/she does not know who it came from (that's the whole purpose of being anonymous). Person A receives a package from Person C and Person B sends a present to person C. So as you can see its a loop. Everyone get their presents and it MUST be BEFORE New Years otherwise there is no point. So please plan accordingly.

1. Submit a form here.
-Your FULL name
-Your age. (Females can put +/- 5 in their age) :)
-E-mail (Administration will contact you and verify credentials)
-Phone (optional)
-Your address.
-Agree of disagree with completing a challenge.
2. Go shopping.
2b. Send administration a copy of the receipt as a proof that you bought something and planning to send it. DO THIS BEFORE YOU SHIP, WE WILL LET YOU KNOW IF ITS OK TO PROCEED BECAUSE YOU MIGHT GET ANOTHER PERSON DUE TO UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES. Due on December 16th
3. You must submit a tracking number of the package to the administration PM between December 16-18th so we know that you did buy something for that person. (You can also as a bonus take a picture and send it to us so we know that you indeed sent it out)
4. Wait for your present to arrive.

*Note: If you fail to provide us with a receipt by December 16th and send it by December 20th then you will be disqualified from the program and will not receive your present from your Anonymous Santa.

Thank you for your attention.

Have safe and jolly New Year

Halo Influence Discussions and everything for fun » General » General Discussions » Secret Santa 2 (FUN FUN FUN)
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