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Halo Influence Discussions and everything for fun » General » General Discussions » [NEWS] New design and addition
[NEWS] New design and addition
13-Jul-14 в 03:50
Awesome Guy
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Hello dear users.

I just want to announce that we changed the design of the site and added few new tweaks. As you can see we went with slick mid color design. We use to have a white design which was good during the day but during the night hurt our eyes. So we changed over to the black one, which also didnt work because felt sooo gloomy. So we went with cool blue color with white. I hope you like it.

Second new thing we added is limit bar on out mini-chat, where you can see how many words you have left to type until you run out of space. The bar underneath the message box will fill up with gray line, and when it reaches its full space then you will no longer be able to write further, in this case you will have to send your already typed in message and start the new one where you left off.

Another thing we added is "Top user of the week" where we put up picture of the most active user on our site for that week. As of now you will just see your name and your picture and enjoy the pride but in the future we will be giving out some kind of prized (which we dont know yet ourselves).

Lastly you will see some ongoing changes in logos and writing, we do apologize in advance if something is not working. If you do find i bug or any error please dont hesitate to contact the administration or moderators and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention. Have a great day.

Play on.

13-Jul-14 в 17:41
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Что бы добавить медаль "Золотой страж" добавляем в ?if "or 113='ID пользователя'"
I hope its going to be 20 dollas for Top user of the week thing. but thatnk you fo the update  good
Halo Influence Discussions and everything for fun » General » General Discussions » [NEWS] New design and addition
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